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    Empowered Consumerism(AIM Global) can help ordinary people achieve their dreams, have financial freedom and have a balanced life.

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Welcome to AIM Worldwide Business

AIM Worldwide Business is a distributor site serving the information and resource needs of distributors and partners of Empowered Consumerism(fueled by AIM Global), as well as others interested in building additional income streams. To gain access to our members only pages, you can sign up here.

We invite you to explore the opportunity that AIM Global & AIM World offers to you wherever you are in the world.

How The System Works


Your first step to earning with Empowered Consumerism (AIM Global) is to decide to start this business today! Choose the package that's fit to your budget.


Share the opportunity to everyone and earn thru Direct Referral and Match Sales Bonus. You can also retail our products and earn points which will be converted to cash or gift certificates.


By doing this business, you will have the possibility to earn big and passive/residual income. You can earn a potential income of 400$ a day.


Empowered Consumerism (AIM Global) has a proven system and has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world for the better. By following our system and doing the business consistently, for sure you will be the next one to share your success story and inspire others.


What is the purpose of AIM Global?

AIM Global is a business that distributes health and wellness products operating with physical offices in 25 countries as of 2019. It has the purpose to create successful people and share awareness towards a healthy life.

Is Alliance in Motion Global genuine?
Yes. AIM Global has been in the business for more than a decade (14 years) and with physical offices in 25 countries.
Can I succeed in AIM Global?

Yes, you can, it is possible. It is already proven to thousands of people who registered with the company. The business is your vehicle to your success. An opportunity that can get you to your dreams but still the one who has the biggest role for your success is yourself. If you will take action to get your dream, then nothing is impossible. The company provides full support and a set of training so there must have no reason not to succeed if you will follow the system.

Is AIM Global legit?

Yes. The company has been in the industry for 13 years as of 2019 and have successfully established offices in 25 countries. AIM is also partnered with multi-billion dollar companies to manufacture its product.

Is there a start-up capital to join?

Surely there is. I didn't see any business that will offer you to get your dreams for free.

How do I register for AIM Global?

To register AIM Global you just need to purchase the Global Package.

What are the benefits of AIM Global?

As a member, you will have free products, scholarship certificates, insurance, lifetime discounts, ATM, Online Account, Major Ways to earn and more.

What is the requirement to join AIM Global?

To become a distributor of AIM Global, one must purchase the membership package and be fully registered online to the DTC or the Distributor Tracking Center. Once you are fully registered online, you will access your account online anytime anywhere.

What kind of business is AIM Global?

AIM Global is into MLM business or Networking business.

Am I required to maintain sales every month?

No, you are not required to maintain sales to receive your commission in the binary system.